Hello, I'm at the Walter Reed Center using the computer because I don't have a computer at home (don't laugh)., We received your card and I was totally surprised ; it was so nice to think of us in that way. We are so excited for you and proud of you,. Then now as I check out your facebook page, I can't begin to tell you how captured i am by your work. (you may want to know that this is the first time i have ever used facebook! I need to get with the progarm! ha ha). Please continue to enjoy your life and your passion(s). You are definitely Mrs. Hazel's granddaughter, I know she would be proud! Take care.. Lova ya. (Look s like I will need to enter my work email address so that i can send this to you.) Sylvia (and Bill) PS. I thinking I'm seeing Shelena in one of your photos!
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